IRIS is funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Marie Curie action,
Industry Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP),
grant agreement nº 610986

MSFT Team ...

Miguel Sales Dias, Sara Candeias, João Freitas

MSFT contributes with its ample experience in speech, silent speech, natural language interaction and computer vision techniques, adding to its overall goal of stimulating industry through co-operations with academia and its citizenship initiatives.
UNIZAR Team ...

Eduardo Lleida, Alfonso Ortega, Antonio Miguel, Javier Nuño, Paola García, Julia Olcoz, Javier Simón, Jesús Villalba, Diego Castán, Jorge Llombart

UNIZAR contributes with its experience in speech technologies, biometric authentication, human language technologies for people with special needs and development of augmentative and alternative communication tools.
ISCTE Team ...

Miguel Sales Dias, Ricardo Resende Sara Eloy ,Maurício Breternitz

ISCTE-IUL took the coordination of the project and, within the Digital Living Spaces group, will use of its Large Scale Immersive Virtual Reality lab and its Usability lab, replicating a living room scenario, to conduct usability and user satisfaction evaluation studies.

Gil Gonçalves ,Carla Santos

Inova will contribute with its expertise in dissemination and exploitation for raising awareness and increasing visibility in order to multiply the impact of the project and will provide its expertise in usability analysis and usability evaluation methods.
FIM Team ...

Verónica Orvalho, Xenxo Álvarez

FIM have developed what is arguably the most advanced facial animation software in Europe, and despite its small size are bound to be a relevant player in the animation industry for years to come.
UAVR Team ...

Antonio J. S. Teixeira, Samuel Silva

UAVR provides contributions based on its experience in speech studies, including data acquisition and analysis for articulatory characterization of European Portuguese, model based articulatory


METU Team ...

Cengiz Acartürk, Banu Gunel, Alptekin Temizel

METU contributes with its interdisciplinary experience in human computer interaction, cognitive science, image processing, audio and acoustics.


C.P.E.E. Alborada

C.P.E.E Alborada is a public school of special education sited in Zaragoza, Spain, which aims to promote the harmonious development of students in the personal, emotional and social areas, facilitating the acquisition of skills, abilities, knowledge and relevant values for achieving a greater degree of personal, social and professional autonomy and, in general, basic competencies.

Pictograms & AAC experts

José Manuel Marcos, CPEE Alborada, Zaragoza, Spain
David Romero, IES Damian Forment, Alcorisa, Teruel, Spain