IRIS is funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Marie Curie action,
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libro The following table presents the list of all the Deliverables, with their Nature (P, R, S, E, O), the Dissemination Level (PU, PP, RE, CO), the Delivery date and Status.

Deliv. num. Deliverable title Nature Diss. level Deliv. date Status
Plan for the use and dissemination of foreground. R CO M6 ok
D.1.1 User profile and platform workflow R RE M12 ok
D.1.2 Case scenarios R RE M12 ok
D.2.1 State-of-the-art on multimodal interfaces based on speech, silent speech, gesture and tactile/haptic devices P PU M12 ok
D.8.1 Usability Evaluation on Multimodal Interfaces: State-of-the-Art and Design Guidelines R PU M12 ok
D9.1 Seminar on Software Development E PU M13 ok
D9.2 Seminar on Adapting Communications Tools for People with Special Needs E PU M13 ok
D9.3 Seminar on Presentation Skills E PU M13 ok
D10.2 Progres, Mid Term Review, Periodic and Final reports. R CO M12,M22, M25, M36, M49 ok
D.4.1 State-of-the-art report on modality fusion R PU M18 ok
D.3.1 State-of-the-art on coarticulation models for automatic Visual Speech Synthesis R PU M18 ok
D.5.1 Report with the performance achieve by state-of-the-art voice and multimodal biometrics with elder people and people with speech and physical impairments. R PU M18 ok
D.4.2 Fusion and Interaction Management requirements specification R RE M22 ok
D.1.3 Prototype of automatic detection of speech and physical impairments O PU M24  
D.2.2 Prototype of a multimodal Silent Speech Interface based on Visual Speech Recognition. Electromyography and Ultrasonic Doppler Sensing P PU M24 ok
D.6.1 Platform requirements for indoor scenarios R RE M24 ok
D9.4 Seminar on Project Management E PU M25  
D9.5 Seminar on Eye Tracking E PU M25 ok
D.2.3 Gesture Interface prototype O PU M28  
D.2.4 Tactile/haptic interface prototype O PU M28  
D.3.2 Integration of pictograms as a communication channel O RE M28 ok
D.3.3 Visual Speech Synthesis solution prototype that includes a novel coarticulation model O RE M28 ok
D.5.2 Prototype of adapted voice and multimodal biometrics for elder people and people with speech and physical disabilities. O PU M28 ok
D.4.3 Modality fusion framework (API) . P PU M32 ok
D7.1 Report on non-invasive objective measures R PU M32 ok
D.8.2 Usability evaluation protocols R PU M32 ok
D.6.2 Platform prototype O PU M36 ok
D.6.3 Dissemination and deployment of the platform E PU M36 ok
D9.6 Course on Parallel Programming on Graphical Processing Units E RE M37  
D9.7 Seminar Optical Neuroimaging by fNIR E PU M37  
D9.8 Seminar on Interaction Analysis (Qualitative Conversation Analysis) E PU M37  
D7.2 Quality of Experience (QoE) models P PU M40 ok
D9.9 Course on Usability Engineering E RE M42  
D.8.3 Overall System Usability Evaluation: results and conclusions P PU M46 ok

Dissemination level: PU = Public, RE = Restricted to a group of the specified Consortium, PP = Restricted to other program participants (including Commission Services), CO= Confidential, only for members of the Consortium (including the Commission Services)
Nature of Deliverable: P= Prototype, R= Report, S= Specification, T= Tool, E= Seminar, O = Other.